Defend your business from cyberattacks with CyberSecure Canada

Is your business prepared for battle?

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Oct 25, 2022

Battle against cyber criminals, that is. These modern-day pirates are multiplying on the digital high seas, targeting businesses large and small with a chilling array of assaults – disruptive hacks, malware, ransomware (demanding a ransom payment from their victims) and more.

If you think your company is not at risk, think again. Any business that uses the internet is exposed, and there’s a very good chance that criminals will target you at some point.

What is cybersecurity?

In simple terms, cybersecurity is about protecting all of your assets in the digital sphere –
including your website, computers, servers, modems, tablets, smartphones and social media
platforms, along with the data held on all of those technologies.

CyberSecure Canada can help you make your business cyber secure

Not surprisingly, many small and medium sized organizations (SMOs) lack adequate cybersecurity expertise and practices, due to time or financial constraints. And, it’s incredibly difficult for busy entrepreneurs to keep pace with digital technologies and risks.

Fortunately, there’s assistance ready to help. Working with the Government of Canada’s  CyberSecure Canada program is a convenient way for SMOs to help protect themselves against cyber threats.

Through the program you can:

  • Improve your knowledge

    Free, self-directed eLearning modules (20-60 minutes in length) tell you how to assess your vulnerabilities and protect your data, devices and networks. These modules are designed for people with minimum technical knowledge.

  • Reassure your customers/partners

    Certify your business with CyberSecure Canada and take advantage of their how-to guides and resources.

  • Market your business as cybersecure

    Once you are certified, display the CyberSecure mark so your stakeholders know
    their information is safe.

Cyber attacks are a costly problem for SMOs

Every year online criminals become increasingly sophisticated, using advanced tools
like artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated technologies to inflict all sorts
of financial and operational havoc on organizations. These attackers are part of a multi-billion
dollar industry stealing data, damaging IT systems and disrupting customer service.

The trends are alarming. In 2021:

  • 25% of all businesses experienced cyberattacks.

  • 41% of small businesses that suffered a cyberattack reported that it cost them at least

Ensure your organization is cyber ready – and enjoy smooth sailing

Are you up to speed on the digital threats facing your business? Are you prepared,
both for now and for an increasingly digital future?

Having a cybersecurity program in place is essential to guard your data and operations in the digital era, limit the impacts of an incident, and maintain the trust of your valued partners and customers that you can keep their sensitive information safe.

Now is the right time to get cyber-ready so you can keep your business sailing smoothly, even in pirate-threatened seas. Don’t wait for a cyberattack to occur. Get started with CyberSecure Canada today to strengthen your cyber defenses and avoid the harm of a costly, disruptive cyberthreat.

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